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What does Slugger City Bully Buddies, Inc. do?
1. Education
We work hard to educate the community.
Bullies are energetic, athletic, eager to please, intelligent, and very strong. They need a lot of exercise, attention, and a job!
We also promote spay/neuter, microchipping, vaccinations, city licenses, and enrollment in obedience/training classes and/or some kind of activity such as weight pulling.

Periodically we offer free educational classes for everyone, and free obedience/CGC classes for bully breed owners.

2. Awareness
We raise awareness about pit bulls and other bully breeds. They are not vicious breeds of dog, they will not turn on you, their jaws do not "lock," and they adore people - especially children! 
These are all common misconceptions that people fall for and that is what we are working to change.
We’ll show you that pit bulls make great family pets, therapy dogs, SAR dogs, athletes, or just cuddle bugs!

3. Advocacy
We are advocates. These dogs do not have a voice of their own and have a lot going against them.
Slugger City Bully Buddies wants to change the perception of all bully breed types of dogs. With the help and support of the community, we hope to get there soon!

We are NOT a rescue. ​

​If you have a bully that you need to re-home we may be able to help with social networking provided your dog is spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm tested. 

We recommend to require a home inspection, adoption contract and re-homing fee during your re-homing process.